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Saturday(5-21) we got to go townwide sales in Hobart,Indiana.I wore a long tail,short-sleeve yellow Tee-shirt. My green skinny-jeans and green-white Mary-Janes.We didn't buy much. I bought a small gold colored purse but my wife wanted it.I got apair of stretchy blue dinem capris.At one sale they had beautiful dresses and long gowns for $1.00 each,all to small for me.Most sales had high heel shoes and boots i would have loved to bought for under $5.00 apair,again all to small.As usual my daughter and i were goofing around and people were staring. Sunday(5-22) we took a drive to the beach and took a video.I wore a short sleeve pink top and my favorite black skirt witk black flats. I only got part of it on my profile. The whole video is on You-Tube, i guess.Going to try to get it all on my profile.After that we went to Goodwill. Everything was 50% off.We all got stuff 50cents to $1.00 each I got blue dinem hot pants and apair of jeans.Also bought apair of black flats and apair of Baby Phat gym shoes,black and white.I tried on skirts, but to small.I am going to post pictures of my hot pants and flats i bought. The other shoes i bought awhile back for 50cents. We got home and unloaded our truck minutes before a bad storm hit.

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