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I was hoping for a nice day to wear a skirt. It started raining and it was cold. I did get to wear my skinny jeans i bought at a church sale for a quarter.They are blue and stretchy and have a stretchy waist band but with belt loops.There is also a 4inch zipper on the bottom of each leg. I wore a long tail black sweater , black pantyhose and black flats. I had my 12 pink loop earrings on. After almost an hour drive we got there and it cleared up.We bought alot for near nothing.Mostly stuff for the house.Cleaning supplies, plumbing parts,D.V.D.s and candles.Didn't really see any clothes we liked.Went to Wendys for lunch. We've been going to this one for years and we're all friendly.They had acouple new workers and i guess no one told them about me when i walked in. As usual we all started saying hi and how you doing.   My daughter and were teasing each other as usual. I don't hide the fact i am a guy dressed as a woman. The new workers kind of just stood with their mouths opened.After lunch we headed to a resale store that had everything 50% off.I got 3 pairs of new Danskin tights and 2 new pairs of No nonsense smart support pantyhose for 35cents apair.They had apair of purple skinny jeans for $3.50 in my size but i was to cheap to buy them. Tomorrow we are hoping to go back to the beach for a walk. Maybe take a video this time.  Hope the weather is nice.

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