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Today is 1-8-11. As usual got dressed  and went shopping with the family. Went to 7 different stores. We went to three grocery stores and two resale-stores and a dollor-store. I wore one of my favorite outfits. A pink sweater-dress over skinny-leg bluejeans wih my pink knee-high boots. We all bought something. I got a blue jean skirt and a redish-orange tee shirt dress. I like wearing those kind of dresses over leggings or capris and flats in the summer. I know what some people think about these stores and yard sales but you can get some really good stuff at these places. The skirt and dress are in real good shape. I only paid 50 cents each. Other times i have bought brand new  name brand pantyhose , tights , leggings and capris for 69 cents. Certain days are 50% off . My daughter bought a $150.00 pair of jeans for $1.00. She got 2 pairs. I have gotten beautiful skirts and tops for 50 cents each. My pink boots and apair of yellow ones i paid $3.00 each at a flea-market. They were brand new in the box. Regular $40.00 apair. I got apair of black knee-high boots with a 4 inch heel for $1.oo acouple of years ago. So thats why we go to these places. We have met alot of nice people thru the years going to these places. They have seen me in complete drag and when i am not dressed. Hope to go out again tomorrow . 

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Posted on 06:10PM on Jun 2nd, 2012
What amazing bargains! Sounds like you had a great day shopping. Bet you wore yourself out.
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