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Day out and more goodies

Though i didn't fully dress-up, i got to wear my new black 4inch highheel boots.I bought 2 pairs at $6.00 each on sale at WalMart.Had on my pink sweater dress over jeans.All my earrings and nails polished red.No make-up or
falsies.Went to a Super K-Mart that's going out of buisness.Bought mostly groceries.Then to GoodWill,50% off
day.It was packed with all kinds of clothes and shoes.There was all kinds of heels, wedges,platforms,flats,boots
and gym shoes.My daughter found a pair of 70's style wedges,to big for her and to little for me.I did get an almost new pair of two tone gray flats, a pair of white high top gym shoes and three inch orange wedge heel sandals.I got a green sweater dress and a black long sleeve Tee-shirt.I needed it for acouple of jumpers and spaghetti-strap tops and dresses for cool weather.I got everythings for 50 cents each,except the high tops. They were $1.00.My family got alot of nice things.Next we went to Wendys for lunch.Been going there for a long time.Did our usual greeting and had our lunch.After lunch,one of the female workers noticed my heels while we were talking.She wanted to see
them.So i pulled up my pant leg.She loved the shoe strings up the side.Acouple other women and a guy came over to look.She told me about the thigh high boots she just bought.Cost her $50.00.I asked her if they had more.She said she had gone back and they were all gone.I hope to find a pair someday,that i can afford.

I got my Prom dress and shoes and more

Just my wife and i got to go shopping.Its been awhile since just the two of us got to go out.After the hospital for blood tests we headed to a Goodwill store.Weekends are 50% off.The first thing that caught my eye was pink ruffles in a pyle of clothes.I ran to that pink ruffle and pull it out from under those other clothes.I couldn't believe it was a Prom dress.I figured it would be to small.It was one size to big.Being it was 50% off,i only paid 50cents.I also got two mini-skirts and apair of shorts for 50cents each.I got pink heels awhile back and red flats acouple of weeks ago at the same store for 50cents each pair.I got apair of brown kneehigh highheel boots at a yard sale for $1.00.I got another pair free because the heel was broke,but no big deal.I've repaired heels before.I put photos of the dress and shoes and boots in my album,if you want to see them. I hope to get photos of me wearing the dress and shoes soon.I've always wanted a Prom dress.Now if i can find a wedding dress.

More sales and walk on the beach

Saturday(5-29).Wasn't sure i wanted to dress-up.There was 2 subdivision sales,over 100 homes. I did.I wore a pink tank-top,blue-denim bell-bottoms and my black flats.My daughter got alot of nice clothing.She buys mostly Hollister and some other name brands. She was getting Hollister clothes for $1.00 each.She got all kinds of stuff. I got 2pairs of black-denim skinny-jeans for a buck apair.There was all kinds of tops i regret not buying. So many pairs of shoes i loved and none my size.I found alot of skirts i liked but to small or to big. We all got something.We parked and had to walk to afew homes up and down the street.We go to one of the subs twice ayear,for over 15years.Alot of people know i'm a guy and have seen me dressed both ways. There is some finger pointing when i show up.They are always nice, though.My daughter and i were acting up usual. I was not acting very lady like and people were staring.What the hell, i'm not a girl.We were having fun. Went to lunch at Long John Silvers.We went to Goodwill and bought more . Daughter got more Hollister.I got another pair of blue-denim short-shorts for 50cents and a blue-dinem mini-skirt for 50cents.I also got 7pairs of new cotton undies at 25cents apair. Monday(5-30) went back to the beach.I wore a skirt without pantyhose and i am not used to that.My daughter said i looked like a ghost.Took a new video and acouple pics.We had to park in another lot and walk a little further.All the gates were shut. I guess they are getting ready to open soon. Good thing we went today. No more going until the end of the season.To much to get in.Went to a resale-store,  everything was 50% off. Didn't get much.Found apair of white sandels with 4inch heels for $5.00, but to small as usual.Until next time, take care.

Yard Sales one day,next day the beach

Saturday(5-21) we got to go townwide sales in Hobart,Indiana.I wore a long tail,short-sleeve yellow Tee-shirt. My green skinny-jeans and green-white Mary-Janes.We didn't buy much. I bought a small gold colored purse but my wife wanted it.I got apair of stretchy blue dinem capris.At one sale they had beautiful dresses and long gowns for $1.00 each,all to small for me.Most sales had high heel shoes and boots i would have loved to bought for under $5.00 apair,again all to small.As usual my daughter and i were goofing around and people were staring. Sunday(5-22) we took a drive to the beach and took a video.I wore a short sleeve pink top and my favorite black skirt witk black flats. I only got part of it on my profile. The whole video is on You-Tube, i guess.Going to try to get it all on my profile.After that we went to Goodwill. Everything was 50% off.We all got stuff 50cents to $1.00 each I got blue dinem hot pants and apair of jeans.Also bought apair of black flats and apair of Baby Phat gym shoes,black and white.I tried on skirts, but to small.I am going to post pictures of my hot pants and flats i bought. The other shoes i bought awhile back for 50cents. We got home and unloaded our truck minutes before a bad storm hit.

60 yard sales in drag

I was hoping for a nice day to wear a skirt. It started raining and it was cold. I did get to wear my skinny jeans i bought at a church sale for a quarter.They are blue and stretchy and have a stretchy waist band but with belt loops.There is also a 4inch zipper on the bottom of each leg. I wore a long tail black sweater , black pantyhose and black flats. I had my 12 pink loop earrings on. After almost an hour drive we got there and it cleared up.We bought alot for near nothing.Mostly stuff for the house.Cleaning supplies, plumbing parts,D.V.D.s and candles.Didn't really see any clothes we liked.Went to Wendys for lunch. We've been going to this one for years and we're all friendly.They had acouple new workers and i guess no one told them about me when i walked in. As usual we all started saying hi and how you doing.   My daughter and were teasing each other as usual. I don't hide the fact i am a guy dressed as a woman. The new workers kind of just stood with their mouths opened.After lunch we headed to a resale store that had everything 50% off.I got 3 pairs of new Danskin tights and 2 new pairs of No nonsense smart support pantyhose for 35cents apair.They had apair of purple skinny jeans for $3.50 in my size but i was to cheap to buy them. Tomorrow we are hoping to go back to the beach for a walk. Maybe take a video this time.  Hope the weather is nice.

A short day out

Had today(4-3o) all planned out.Its been 2weeks since i got to dress. Between pink eye, coughing and a sore throat,haven't felt like doing anything.Started feeling better and planned on going shopping.Then my daughter started getting sick.She missed school Thursday(4-28).She wanted to go to the clinic i went to. I planned on dressing in a skirt outfit. I almost didn't dress as Cindylou.I was feeling alittle bad again.The morning was cold and windy.I went ahead and dressed.I wore a brown short sweater dress over blue jeans with my brown flats.  We stopped at a church sale first on the way. They had alot of nice stuff.The first thing my daughter bought was a full face moto-cross helmet($50.00 at any yard sale)for $1.00. I got apair of black dinem short shorts and apair of skinny-jeans for 25cents each.Got all kinds of candles,new and used,cheap. My wife and i love candles. My daughter got some beautiful,some name brand, clothes(25 to 75cents each). I found apair of brand new black pumps, in the box,with 2 inch heels for 50 cents.They were just alittle to small. Got a nice round glass top  picnic table for $10.00.We got to the clinic just after they opened. My daughter went on in to sign in and i took my wife to the bathroom. The guard said hi on our way in and watched us as we went into the bathroom.Now you have to remember i don't act  or walk like a woman when i am dressed.He never said a word when we came out .When we got into the clinic my daughter said i had to sign my name for her.She's 17. The last time there i was my male self,wearing girls top,pants and 2inch heels(no make-up) This time i was fully dressed and they needed my I.D. She looked at my I.D. and looked at me at least 3 times. After sitting down i saw afew nurses looking thru the window in the door at me, i just smiled at them. After that we went on to lunch and grocery shopping,then went home.We had planned on going to afew yard sales and resale stores, maybe next week.

Another day out in a skirt

Another nice day. The third time i finally got to wear a skirt out in a month and a half. The weather is finally getting decent. I got to wear the skirt i bought acouple of months ago. It's a green knee length. We got to go to afew places shopping. Went to GoodWill and found a tan mini-skirt. I paid 50cents for it. I got a pink mini-skirt,  same price. It didn't fit , i measured it wrong.It's a shame, i really loved it. I down loaded pictures.We never seem to get there soon enough.There is afew people,the same ones, that loads up carts of shoes ,bootsand purses.I've seen beautiful high heel shoes and boots,of all kinds. Really nice purses.My guess is they are flea-market dealers.At a quarter to a dollar who can blame them.Last week i got to wear my black,with faded white down the front,above the knee skirt. I don't hide the fact that i am a guy in womens clothes. Sometimes i act like a girl to have some fun. We were having lunch and i was acting like a girl, joking around with my daughter. She said i was being watched by a guy, he was about my age. I slowly looked over in his direction and he smiled.I looked back at her and started laughing,quietly.I figured he knew i was a guy, until i left.The workers and us are friendly. One of them said bye as we were leaving and i turned and said bye,see you all next week. I said this in my male voice. I could see him and saw his jaw drop open.I act like a girl once in awhile to tease my wife and duaghter. It sure can be fun.

A walk at the beach and shopping

Today is 2/27/11. Got to go out today . I got to wear one of  my favorite outfits. A black denim above the knee skirt with a light pink sweater. My kneehigh black highheel boots with black pantyhose. We planned on driving up to my old neighborhood in Miller. We were going to drive by the beach. Our daughter wanted to go to the water for pictures. I decided to go with her. It was about a 400 foot walk in sand and i had 4 inch heels on . It sure was fun. She shot a short video of things around us and of me. We went to the other side of the park where i fished as a kid. She took  acouple of pictures. I am going to try to down load the pics and video. We drove by my old house and i thought back about some of the times when i would dress-up. We went to Goodwill next. I got a nice purse and like new pair of shoes. Brown lace-up with a 3 inch heel. I paid 80 cents for both. My wife and daughter got somethings ,too. Next stop was grocery shopping.  Got some good deals on clearence sale items. Maybe i can get my daughter to take more pictures or videos on our next trip out.

Just out for shopping

1-15-11       I dressed in a brownish pull over sweater with my green skinny leg jeans. I wore my black knee-high boots with the 4 inch heels. I wore my 12 white loop earrings. I finally got my hair dyed black again the day before, its been growing out gray for months. I feel alot better.  We had a 45 minute drive to our favorite resale store. I got new PJ's ,girls of course. My daughter got alot of stuff as usual. She is picky about the brands she wears ,but she always find things. My wife and son found some nice things too. Next stop one of 2 grocery stores we go to. Lunch was next ,then to Best Buy to return something. Next was the second grocery store, then on to the second resale store. I got two skirts and two new bras and apair of blue jeans (with white on the butt and white running down the front of  both legs). I paid $3.oo for everything. One skirt is a blue jean knee length staight-line. The other is a black slip-on , kind of ruffled knee length. I don't usually wear that type of skirt , but i really liked this one. My daughter got some nice clothes again. My wife got afew things . A lady there asked me about my earrings. I told her  where i bought them and only paid $1.00 for the 12 loops. I've bought 6 sets so far. I will be buying more ,soon. Hope to go some where tomorrow too,of course dressed as a woman .

Aday out having fun

Dec.18 Went shopping with the family. I wore a long tail red pull over shirt, green skinny jeans and yellow knee boots. My family got alot of stuff, I only got apair of white leggings. We hit afew stores. Two of the resale stores we went to had alot of nice stuff,but not in my size.Found some shoes,but the wrong size. Hopefully i will find somethings next week.  

Another day out in drag

To is 12-11-10 I got to go out shopping with my wife again. I was dressed in drag as usual. I had a christmas sweater on, skinny jeans and my new pink knee-high boots on.We did not get to go to many places because the weather started getting bad. We did get afew things. The only things i got were some leggings.We usually hit up 5 or more stores in aday. We go to a few resale stores and flea markets. Igot my new pink boots and apair of yellow ones at a flea market 3 dollars apair and yes they were brand new. We get some really nice stuff for near nothing. We live off my wife's disability, so places like this helps us out,alot. I get dressed about twice aweek during the winter months. Hopefully i will have more to say next week.  

A day out shopping ( in drag )

Today is 12-5-10 Another sunday like any other.Got dressed in drag and went out with my wife and kids.I wore an x-mas shirt,skinny jeans and knee high yellow boots.We spent the day hitting as many stores as we can.I had a skirt on but after a few minutes outside it was to cold out.By midday i wished i'd kept the skirt on,it really warmed up.After shopping we stopped at my sisters to visit her and my mom.I've been going public for over 20 years.I've not had any big problems,so far,some just stare but do not say anything.Some say they like my outfits.Alot of the stores we go to,workers see me dressed and not dressed like a girl.i've been going to these stores for so long.My wife is in a wheelchair when we go out.Almost everybody is friendly.We go to alot of resale shops,and get some good things.Time to go my daughter wants the computer. 

An extra day out

Just got back from aday of shopping. I wore a christmas shirt my wife bought for me, apair of skinny leg bluejeans and my pink boots. My family got alot of nice stuff again. I got acouple of nice summer shirts. We went to three resale stores and three grocery stores. The resale stores had alot of nice stuff,but as usual the things i wanted did not fit. The two shirts i did get are really nice for ninety-cents each. Found apair of wedge sandels in my size, but they would not fit. They were like new for only adollar-fifty.  

A new store store to shop

   WE found a new store to shop. It's resale shop that sells new and used stuff. They had all kinds of new make-up for 50cents and jewelery. They had alot of other stuff. We only got to go to one other resale shop. Family got some nice stuff, but i did not find anything that would fit. We're going out again this week, i hope i find something this time. At least i got out dressed in drag. 

A wonderful day out

      Today is 12-30-10. Got to out again shopping with the family. We only hit acouple of stores today. The weather was nice. I got wear apair of black strech jean leggings, long tail black sweater top and apair of kneehigh black wedge boots. The one resale shop we went to, i bought one pair of purple tights(new) for 45cents. I also got apair of purple footless tights for 45cents(new). We also got abag full of different stuff, alot we could use,for $1.65. We hope to get out this Saturday, acouple of resale shops are having abig sale,50% to 75% off. Hope to find some tops and skirts and sandals for summer.  

Fun day of shopping in drag

Today is 1-8-11. As usual got dressed  and went shopping with the family. Went to 7 different stores. We went to three grocery stores and two resale-stores and a dollor-store. I wore one of my favorite outfits. A pink sweater-dress over skinny-leg bluejeans wih my pink knee-high boots. We all bought something. I got a blue jean skirt and a redish-orange tee shirt dress. I like wearing those kind of dresses over leggings or capris and flats in the summer. I know what some people think about these stores and yard sales but you can get some really good stuff at these places. The skirt and dress are in real good shape. I only paid 50 cents each. Other times i have bought brand new  name brand pantyhose , tights , leggings and capris for 69 cents. Certain days are 50% off . My daughter bought a $150.00 pair of jeans for $1.00. She got 2 pairs. I have gotten beautiful skirts and tops for 50 cents each. My pink boots and apair of yellow ones i paid $3.00 each at a flea-market. They were brand new in the box. Regular $40.00 apair. I got apair of black knee-high boots with a 4 inch heel for $1.oo acouple of years ago. So thats why we go to these places. We have met alot of nice people thru the years going to these places. They have seen me in complete drag and when i am not dressed. Hope to go out again tomorrow . 

Aday of shopping ( all dressed-up)

Saturday 1-1-11.. My wife and both our kids(26yr old son and 17yr old daughter) and i went out shopping. My wife needs a wheelchair,most of the time. Our son  is handicap and lives with us. I was fully dressed as usual. I was wearing green sweater mini-dress over brown leggings. I finally got wear my black knee-high boots , with 4inch heel.The weather was nice and the snow and ice were gone. I wore my gold loop earrings. I have 6holes in each ear. We went to 3 different resale shops. We go to these almost every weekend during the winter months. This day they had 50% off all clothes.  I got a pleaded blue jean mini-skirt ,like new for $1.25. Also 2 pairs of shoes for 75cents each pair, they were like new. One pair is a black sandal with a 3inch heel. The other pair is a reddish-pink tennis shoe style. I also bought a spaghetti-strap mini-dress. This was 75cents. I wear these in the summer over short capris or shorts. I usually wear womens flats or some type of gym shoe. I do not usually wear make-up or my falsies . I do wear  my earrings and have my fingernails and toenails painted. Reds and purples are my favorite colors. My hair is ong so i always style it .We hit alot of yard sales and flea-markets in the summer. We've been going for so-long people know about me. They are always friendly. Even at sales we've never been to before.

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